In 2013, I decided to trade in my paintbrush for a camera. It took me nearly twenty years to pick up a camera after being told by a professor in college that I would never be good at it because I questioned the rules.  “When it comes to the arts I don’t believe in rules, imagine if Picasso had played by the rules.”  My work is heavily influenced by idols, Annie Leibovitz and Herb Ritts and cinematic color grading.  “I love shadows I like to show a darker side because I believe everyone has one. It is what we choose to do with it keep it surpassed or show it to the world.”  


"I see beauty in everything I find it in oil stains on cement, texture it is all around us."  I want to change the way we look at the way we see ourselves.  Like so many, tired of having someone sitting behind a desk in NYC or LA telling us what is attractive; what is sexy and what we should look like should not be dictated by anyone.   


"I want to start a revolution a revolution where we can begin to heal and learn to accept ourselves 'As Is.'  It is a long journey, but I hope that we can begin to love ourselves."   Currently, I'm working on a book entitled, "AS IS," a collection of my work will be out in early 2019.